Sell Your Records for Cash!

Sell Your Vinyl Record Collection for Cash!

So, you want to sell your records? We can help with that!

Over the years, we've learned that people sell their records for all sorts of reasons, and for every reason, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible while getting you some extra cash along the way. 

We do 'buys' on an appointment basis, and you can choose to come to us (to Hyde Park in Chicago), or we can come to you for a housecall. We travel everywhere in Chicagoland, and go as far as 2-3 hours radius from downtown. And in either case, we follow Covid guidelines and want our meeting to be as safe as possible!

call or text: 708.586.9773

What Records Do We Buy?

Collections of all sizes.  Genre-wise, we are looking for: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin, World Music, Rock, Blues, World Music, New Wave / Industrial, Hip-Hop, Disco, House, Techno (and all Electronic Music) in LP, 12inch single, & 45rpm formats. In general, we only buy records that customers will purchase at our shop.

What Records Don't We Buy?

Easy Listening, Big Band, Classical, Country, Soft Rock / Pop, Vocals. In general, these genres don't sell. However beautiful the music is, unfortunately customers just don't purchase it at our shop. But we're happy to help direct you to other local retail outlets who might.

Does My Collection Make the Cut?

The condition of the Vinyl and the Cover, the Artist/Group, and Song/Album Title are all important factors that contibute to whether or not we will buy a record or collection. As a rule, condition is the number one factor for us. We are a resale shop, and just like any vintage or antique shop, the condition of the item is key. And just because a record is 60 (or more) years old, that doesn't always mean it's valuable. Beyond that, we are looking for classic music (the timeless classics of all genres) as well as the more obscure stuff you don't see everyday. There is a massive grey zone between those two areas however, so it's always best to call or email so we can talk it through.

What Is My Record Collection Worth?

This is the $1,000,000 question literally! Value varies from record to record and collection to collection. For the records we can use at the shop, we will pay you a percentage of our sale price and should any records remain, we can offer you a bulk rate for the leftovers. This way you're getting the most cash possible for the 'good stuff,' while still freeing up all that precious shelf and storage space.

Do we buy Estates and Storage Lockers?

Yes and Yes! If you've got records, contact us anytime :)

If you have questions or are ready to start, contact us now! / 708.586.9773