Miyagi Massive!

Get ready for one last Chicago Vinyl Connection before the New Year! Many, many shoutouts to all the dealers and diggers who've helped this show grow, and grow quickly, from it's humble beginnings this past Summer. We're looking forward to more and more in 2022! For the '21 finale, we've almost doubled in size with 13 record dealers and an expanded vintage loft featuring 6 vendors (curated by our friends at Wild Prairie). Enough to satisfy all your last minute Holiday gift needs :)

Chicago Vinyl Connection is a new record show with a mission from old - connecting discerning diggers of Chicagoland to the best records and to one another. Miyagi Records and South Rhodes Records have come together along with several other vendors offering thousands of new/vintage vinyl albums and 'reclaimed' items. Expect to find the classics you know and need, plus the genres and artists not typically available at record shows. And, through the music, expect to connect with other local collectors!

Presented by Miyagi Records & South Rhodes Records
(Powered by The Underground Sessions)

Sunday December 12th, 2021
@ Marz Brewery
3630 S. Iron Street
Chicago, IL

Featuring thousands of records, new and used, in all formats and genres, from local, independent record dealers!

Miyagi Records | South Rhodes Records | A1 Records & CDs | Aadam Jacobs | Beverly Phono Mart | Conservatory Vintage & Vinyl | Del Pueblo Records | Greg Dalphond | International Anthem | Jaytoo | Mississippi Records | Shady Rest Vintage & Vinyl | Sonorama Discos

DJ Sets by: Shazam Bangles, La Queen, Kida Darling, hameedullah, DJ Volcan

Vintage Loft:
curarated by Wild Prairie
Apricot Vintage, Earth 2 Ren, Feeltrip, Layla Salah, Petalpushr, Wild Prairie Vintage

Free to everyone, family friendly! Come say hi and grab a record or 2!


A1 Records & CDs

A1 Records & CD’s (Indianapolis)

Longtime Midwest record dealer specializing in new/used Hip-Hop & R&B vinyl that curates crates specifically for each record show from their inventory of over 25,000 records. Everything from original out-of-print 12’’s and LP’s to recent import 7’’ singles. 

aadam jacobs record dealer

Aadam Jacobs (Chicago)

Aadam has been selling records for decades, and now he brings his knowledge and inventory to Marz. With a focus on Rock music, you’ll also find soundtracks, jazz, soul, and hip-hop. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask!

Beverly Phono Mart (Chicago)

Beverly Phono Mart is a Black & AAPI owned business on the south side of Chicago. They offer new and gently used records at a fair price.

The Conservatory Vintage & Vinyl

The Conservatory Vintage & Vinyl (Chicago)

Conservatory Vintage & Vinyl is a destination, specializing in rare and pre-owned vinyl records, plus premium Midcentury furniture and home decor. They are the only boutique of this kind located South of Chicago and neighboring South Suburbs. A unique shop for vinyl record and home décor collectors/enthusiasts.

Del Pueblo Records (Chicago)

Del Pueblo Barbers & Records a southside neighborhood establishment specializing in Latin American music on Vinyl, Cassette & CD formats. Genres we generally focus on include: Norteñas/Rancheras, Tejano, Cumbia/Grupero, Salsa, & latin soul.

Greg Dalphond

DJ Greg Dalphond (Chicago)

DJ GREG D is a Canadian-American, Chicago-based DJ known for impeccable technique, vast selection, and his unique sound. He migrated to the Midwest at an early age and grew up in the music and art-influenced skateboard culture of the 80's and 90's. He'll have LPs, 12s, 45s for sale - Rock, Soul/Funk, Jazz, World Music and more!

International Anthem

International Anthem (Chicago)

International Anthem Is A Chicago-Born Recording Company That Produces And Promotes Progressive Media. Founded by curators from the Uncanned Music family, the IARC label was established to be a productive and distributive outlet for the group’s original music programming.

The mission of International Anthem is to make positive contributions to the changing state of the music industry, and to vitalize the demand for boundary-defying music by presenting unique sounds in appealing packages to untapped audiences.

Jaytoo (Chicago)

A legend in the Chicago Hip-Hop + DJ scene, Jay's deep, vinyl-only sets mirror his deep crates at the Dealer's table.

mississippi records

Mississippi Records (Chicago / Portland)

Mississippi Records is a small label run by Gordon Ashworth and Cyrus Moussavi. The Mississippi Records retail shop is in Portland, Oregon and runs separate from this website. The label is based in Chicago.

Shady Rest Vintage & Vinyl (Chicago)

Shady Rest Vintage & Vinyl, a woman- and minority- co-owned storefront at 1659 S. Throop, specializes in used records; vintage hi-fi audio components and equipment; cameras and accessories; and art, culture, and design books.

The store’s entire inventory is hand-selected and curated by owners Nuntida Sirisombatwattana and Peter Kepha.

Sonorama Discos (Chicago)

Sonorama Discos is a DJ collective made up of Charly Garcia and brothers Eddy and Marlowe Baca, that for over ten years have been sharing their love and passion for vintage Latin sounds in all rhythms and genres. They've held several dj residencies around the city and have contributed to several indie radio shows including an ongoing regular program on Lumpen Radio based out of Bridgeport. In the past six years the collective have run a small independent record label with 10 releases to date featuring contemporary bands both locally and internationally.

South Rhodes Records (Chicago)

South Rhodes Records is your home for all Hip-Hop, Jazz, and R&B music on vinyl. Well, not quite all. We recognize that there is more music being produced now than ever. And we can't possibly stock everything, nor do we seek to. With a focus on quality over quantity, we offer the classics everyone knows and loves along with other vinyl essentials for everyone's collection. In addition to new and reissued vinyl we also specialize in sourcing hard-to-find original pressings.

Established in 2018, we are based on Chicago's south side and look forward to providing you with the best vinyl your turntable's ever played.

...And last but not least! 

Miyagi Records (Chicago)

We are a Chicago-based record dealer since 2002. We specialize in the obscure and classic - Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Blues, World Music, New Wave / Industrial, Hip-Hop, Disco, House in LP, 12inch single, & 45rpm formats. Influenced by the hyper-curated, hidden away vinyl shops of Tokyo, Japan, our goal is to become your 'secret spot.'



Apricot Vintage

Apricot Vintage (Chicago)

Apricot Vintage brings 25+ years of vintage experience with her shop, specializing in clothing for everyday as well as special occasions.

Earth 2 Ren

Earth 2 Ren (Chicago)

Ren is a local artisan who'll be selling a mix of items including handmade jewelry and prints of photos & collages.

Feeltrip (Chicago)

Feeltrip is a record label and artist collective based in Chicago IL. They specialize in local music, screen printed apparel, 'zines, posters, and anything DIY. They hold monthly events throughout the city and work / collaborate within Chicago's vast DIY scene.

Layla Salah

Lays Lemons (Chicago)

Layla of Lays Lemons is a local artisan who'll be selling her personal brand of handmade soaps and party favors.

Petalpushr Chicago

Petalpushr (Chicago)

Petalpushr is a local artisan who'll be selling her unique style of dried floral arrangements.

Wild Praire Vintage (Chicago)

Wild Praire is a independently owned Vinyl + Vintage shop located near Humboldt Park. They are a buy/sell/trade shop specializing in vinyl records & vintage clothing.



Shazam Bangles

Shazam Bangles

Born in Chicago during a visionary era of DJ culture, Michael Reuter, better known as Shazam Bangles, has consistently found sanctuary in music. His grandfather was a Polka drummer who often told stories of playing with jazz legend Gene Krupa and instilled in him a strong sense of rhythm from the start. In his teens, he was drawn to the stylistic freedom and technical fluency of hip hop DJs on college radio stations such as WNUR and WHPK. He honed his craft for years before stepping out into the spotlight.

La Queen

La Queen

Thelma Uranga aka La Queen is a Chicago-based DJ and a self-proclaimed Juana of all trades. Thelma collects a variety of records with a special love for house and freestyle music, which are nods to her childhood when her sisters played both on repeat. She loves setting the vibe on the turntables with feel-good jams that include disco, house, R&B, and more. She also dabbles in the Latin music of her youth, or señora music, as she likes to call it. When she’s not spinning, Thelma loves thrift store shopping, baking pies, and cuddling her dog Tula.

Kida Darling

Kida Darling

Kida is a south side purveyor of vibrant style expressed through fashion and soul music from all different eras. If it connects to the human experience and has some soul in it, you can find Kida spinning it on decks across the city!

hameedullah chicago dj


Hameedullah is a Chicago-based DJ, producer, and emcee. While you’ll likely see him spinning records around the city, you’ll also find him cooking up beats and rhyming as well. He’s influenced by hip-hop but also all of the other musical elements that make up hip-hop, with each finding their way into his wide-ranging DJ sets. 

dj volcan chicago

DJ Volcán

Yoalli or DJ Volcán was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. They have been spinning records with Chulita Vinyl Club in Austin, Texas since 2016. They have played records in Mexico City, Puebla, New York, and Madrid, among other places in the U.S. They collect and spin Latinamerican sounds, but also, sixties psychedelic music and many other genres from the world.