• The Hot Box: Rufus Thomas "The Breakdown Pt 1 + 2"

    Welcome to The Hot Box! where we look at 7inches with two sides of dopeness that are a must-have for your 45 boxes. This week we take a look at the classic 2-sider from Rufus Thomas "The Breakdown Part 1 + 2."
  • Spring Madness Bonus! 🌼🤪 Free Shipping

    SPRING MADNESS BONUS 🌼🤪 For all the collectors out there getting deeper into e-digging, we're offering Free Shipping* for all of Spring 2020. Kee...
  • Underground Classic: Soho "Hot Music" / Wynton Marsalis "Skain's Domain"

    NYC in the early 80s is easily my favorite time in music history because styles and sounds were thrown into the melting pot (Disco, Punk, Funk, Reggae) birthing the new genres Hip-Hop and Electro in the process. Longo was most certainly a product of that environment, with his decades-long discography of varied stylistic outpu