Meet the Record Store Day Pt.2 Performers & Vendors!

Records Store Day Miyagi Records Chicago

In celebration of our 1 year anniversary, we're presenting a couple of Record Store Day events in June + July at The Silver Room (Hyde Park, Chicago). Featuring vinyl-only DJ sets, Live music performances, and of course, Records! 

For the July 17th event, we're excited to present a few local, independent Dealers representing Chicago's Southside. These folks all have their own style of curating, so expect a wide-range of genres/eras (Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Disco, R+B, Pop, etc) in most every vinyl format (LP, 12inch singles, 45s), new & vintage records. 

Providing the soundtrack for the afternoon will be 6 local vinyl-only DJs and live performers. Expect an eclectic mix of tunes throughout the day that will also live-streamed on The Silver Room's Twitch channel. 

Scroll down to learn more about each participant...


Beverly Phono Mart Logo Record Store Day
Beverly Phono Mart

A husband + wife team who plan to open their 1st physical location on Chicago's Southwest side.


    Jaytoo logo Record store day

    A legend in the Chicago Hip-Hop + DJ scene, Jay's deep, vinyl-only sets mirror his deep crates at the Dealer's table.


    south rhodes records recrod store day
    South Rhodes Records

    An upstart webstore that you may have also seen at every irl Record pop-up in the past few years.


    miyagi records logo record store day
    ...and us, Miyagi Records! 

    Although we WILL NOT BE VENDING at this event unfortunately :/ We will be there hosting however.


    (in order of appearance)


    In a time when anyone who can piece more than two of their favorite songs together in succession as referred to as ‘DJs’, KMax separates himself from the pack by providing a curated aural experience. It’s not just about spinning out the contemporary hits and essentially personifying a human version of a jukebox, but to also play out the plethora of remixes that reimagine familiar songs as well as new, untested artists who can potentially bring about excitement from the listening audience.


    Chicago producer Uncle El has been making hip-hop beats since the late 90s: he began rapping as a student at Roger C. Sullivan High School, then started producing tracks so he and his friends would have something to rap over. He's now a major player in Chicago's beat scene, helping present two regular showcases for experimental, hip-hop-influenced electronic music: Open Beats and Push Beats.” - Leor Galil (Chicago Reader)

    La Queen

    Thelma Uranga aka La Queen is a Chicago-based DJ and a self-proclaimed Juana of all trades. Thelma collects a variety of records with a special love for house and freestyle music, which are nods to her childhood when her sisters played both on repeat. She loves setting the vibe on the turntables with feel-good jams that include disco, house, R&B, and more. She also dabbles in the Latin music of her youth, or señora music, as she likes to call it. When she’s not spinning, Thelma loves thrift store shopping, baking pies, and cuddling her dog Tula.


    As a self-proclaimed bedroom artist, Chicago-based producer and melodist, megiapa, has evolved what first started as sound bites stitched together in Audacity into a wide range of deeply-rooted rhythms and crisp, futuristic soundscapes. Emerging from Chicago’s underground beat scene with her debut EP, (parenthesis), she continues to harness inspiration from eclectic corners to yield an ever-evolving, but distinguishable sound all her own ranging from lo-fi hip-hop and jazz to future r&b and electro-funk; always with an aim toward the Afro future.

    Shazam Bangles

    Born in Chicago during a visionary era of DJ culture, Shazam Bangles has consistently found sanctuary in music. His grandfather was a well-known Polka drummer who often told stories of jazz legend Gene Krupa and who instilled in him a strong sense of rhythm from the start. In his teens, he was drawn to the stylistic freedom and technical fluency of Hip Hop DJs on college radio stations such as WNUR and WHPK. He honed his craft for years before stepping out into the spotlight.


    Founder of Miyagi Records, Trew's love for DJing began in grade school when using two tape decks to spin basement parties. His main aim is to weave a common thread through seemingly disparate genres. Drawing inspiration from the early 1980s NYC art/music world, he believes no genre is off limits, no collaboration too outlandish. Honing his chops East Cost Rave & Hip-Hop scenes (Baltimore/DC), it was Chicago’s wealth of musical and architectural history that pulled him westward. “Like most kids back then, I thought ‘Percolator’ was a Baltimore Club track. Once I found out the truth I knew this is where I was meant to be!”. Soon after, he quit his corporate job, cashed in the 401k, and invested his life into music. A story that continues to this day...

    For more information about the overall event, location/time details, & full performance lineup, visit this link!